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Our Services

At Reset Lab, we offer a variety of repair services such as:
Board-related repairs like;

  1. Board-level repairs
  2. No power
  3. No Backlight
  4. No display
  5. Battery Not charging/not detected
  6. Liquid damaged devices
  7. No Sound/Audio issues
  8. USB PORT issues
  9. Keyboard/trackpad undetected/
  10. WIFI/Bluetooth/No WIFI Hardware detected
  11. The device runs slow/lags
  12. Fan over spinning/full speed/loud fans
  13. System overheating
  14. Random shutdown/Rebooting
  15. Random crashes
  16. Critical update (board-level)
  17. Flashing folder(board-level) drive not detected
  18. Thinking of replacing a logic board? Please get a second opinion at Reset Lab.
Parts replacement repairs like;
keyboard, screen, trackpad, solid state drive, ram, and battery replacements.
 Software-related repairs like;
macOS installation, upgrades/downgrades, and other software installations.

In summary, whatever issue you have/experiencing with your Mac, we can help in getting you back to work as soon as possible.

Couldn’t find your device problem? Do not worry. Request a callback and one of our technicians will contact you.

Why Repair your device with Reset Lab

Turnaround Time

We run a double-shift work system at Reset Lab, giving us a better turnaround time for small and large volume repairs.

We Collect and Deliver

After booking, you can either drop it off or we can collect it from you for free, you only pay for delivery.

Student Discounts

macOS installations and supports are free to students, with 50% discounts on all other repairs.

12 Months Warranty

Yes! you read it right, that how sure we are towards repairs done by Reset Lab technicians.

Backup your device

Before you ship off or drop off your device to Reset Lab, make sure your device is fully backed up.

Reset Lab does not do backups for clients nor will be responsible for any losses that may or might incur as a result of repairs done on your device.

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