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Simplified Mac Repairs

We perform basic and advanced Mac repairs

All our repairs carry a 12-month warranty, with free assessments. We operate a double-shift work system at the lab, giving us a better turnaround time for small and large volume repairs.

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Reset Lab at 47 on Strand Street

Entrance on 5th Floor

Reset Lab Workshop

The Reset Lab

Free collections and deliveries for clients in and around Cape Town Central.

We offer free technical support to technicians and the general public without trying to sell you, our services

All device(s) collections are free, clients out side Cape Town Central will however cover the cost of return

macOS installations and supports are free to students.

Because we operate a complete repair lab system, we do not have walk-ins, unless for technicians or one who wishes to experience/witness the repair process

Why Repair your device with Reset Lab

Turnaround Time

We run a double-shift work system at Reset Lab, giving us a better turnaround time for small and large volume repairs.

We Collect and Deliver

After booking, you can either drop it off or we can collect it from you for free, you only pay for delivery.

Student Discounts

macOS installations and supports are free to students, with 50% discounts on all other repairs.

12 Months Warranty

Yes! you read it right, that how sure we are towards repairs done by Reset Lab technicians.

Get your device to us

Follow  these three steps 

Device Book in

1. Visit our site to book in your device. make sure you provide the right address on the form.

Device Collection

2. Safely park your divice in bubble wrap and be ready and available for collection time.

Device Assessment

3. On arrival, a transport inspection is done and we inform you of its arrival.

Repair Procedure

once your mac arrives at the lab, we book it into the system assigning a ticket number to it with a job description. The unit will then  fall under any of the three categories below:
  1. parts replacement repairs
  2. software related repairs
  3. board related repairs
We then assess the device and send out a quote for approval. device assessment is free. upon approval, the unit goes into repairs, which generally takes about 3 hours, regardless of which category the repair falls. if for any reason the repair will take longer, we communicate with the client. once the repair is complete, it then goes through a quality control /testing/finalization phase, with everything up and good, we inform the client of its completion. the client can either arrange for pick up or we deliver the device. all repairs are 12 months warrantied. payments are only due after a successful repair.

How to get your Mac to Reset Lab?

For us to collect, make sure the device is well parked, send us the pick-up address, and once the Mac arrives at the lab, we do a transportation inspection and then inform you of its arrival followed by the booking-in procedure, after which the client receives a job ticket. Our collections are free, deliveries shall be covered by the clients.
Before you send your device or drive to our lab, please take advantage of our free tech support, with a step-by-step guide over the phone or on our Whatsapp chat. we prioritize getting you back to work as soon as possible.
Technicians and repair companies can take advantage of our free work-through repair options while they do the repairs at their lab.